Frag Must

By · Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Frag Must
DSL slow sometimes?

My internet is so slow that you might think yelling out the window faster way to reach people. It has not always been slow. It was very good during the past two years, but at Christmas time, he began getting slower and slower to the point my browser would freeze. I know its not my team. I frag-ed and cleaned and removed old files. I have two other computers in the cellar of the house and are also very slow. The other computers are notebooks so I connected a wireless router d-link. My ISP says it's not them. I rebooted both the modem for Internet and d-link modem. Some times of the day helps others do not. Never the best one time. I have also noticed that I disconnect my phone in the kitchen has to have a bad cable. However, it seems to be going well until One of the notebook is turned on. Can anyone help?

Check that each telephone in your house has a filter installed and that there is a separator in a cat with a DSL modem

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