Francisco Bay

By · Monday, December 28th, 2009

Francisco Bay

You can not wish stress. Demanding jobs, families, children and entire family will keep you busy, no time for you. Too much stress can reduce their and may have negative impact on their health. Therefore, it is extremely important to take regular rest and travel to a place completely rejuvenates and relaxes you. California is one of the favorite tourist destinations. The exotic places, the tourism environment and great infrastructure make it an excellent tourist place. The state California is known for its splendid beaches. These are beaches that are the states unique selling point. Besides being well maintained, but also provide a visitors with numerous water sports such as hiking, kayaking, fishing and surfing. The California beach can be divided into three parts: southern California, Northern California and central California.

Each of these beaches has something unique to offer. The common factor or union of all is that California beach are beautiful. The beach in northern California allows witness the wildlife in the area. The beach has a rich aquatic life. It can be a place of learning for children, and they can learn and see flora and marine species. Since climate is pleasant state, tourists can stay outside, even during the day. Tourists can play with your family in northern California beach and enjoy making sand castles. The rocking motion of the waves can be an exciting and enjoyable experience. The wave motion is like music to the ears of tourists. Sitting all day at the beach and do nothing, you will still be the happiest person. Walk for night under the moonlight on the cold sand will give you an experience like no other activity will.

Some of the main beaches of northern California is Crystal Beach, Stinson Beach, Manchester beach, beach McClure, Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay. All these beaches are beautiful coasts and the government has taken control away from full afternoon in maintaining these litter-free beaches and friendly people. As a result of constant maintenance and cleaning of the beaches of California met by people around the world. Visitors can interact with people around the world. In addition, California residents are very friendly and welcome tourists with warmth and pride. Nearby of Northern California beach, many hotels and beach houses. The beaches can be a great place for recreation and the lifeguards are there for security Indulging of tourists in the adventures of water sports. Moreover, the beaches have a snack bar on site. Largest aquarium in the world can be seen in the bay Monterey. The exotic beach, allows tourists Watch whales moving in the aquarium. The beaches are very attractive place.

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