Freeze Dried

By · Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Freeze Dried

There are very few side effects Acai Berry, in fact the only well-known side effects the use of this fruit, they are super good side effects.

A As the Acai berry is highly perishable once it is harvested. Generally, pulp, processed and lyophilized, the lyophilized product is converted into powder form, which can be safely transported to the country where required. Subsequently, the powder is made again in a juice or smoothie for consumption. It is available in the United States, both and frozen in dry form.

There are very few side effects Acai berry or health hazards, however, there has been an incidence of Chagas disease, and this was caused by eating Acai berries that were contaminated by the feces of a specific parasite Brazil. Chagas disease, to date only been diagnosed in America South, and there has been no incident in any other country which uses the Acai berry. The symptoms of this illness include nausea, fever, muscle pain and in rare cases, inflammation.

Acai berry has been used by the native people of the Amazon jungle for many centuries and is considered to be one of the fruits top of nutrition in the world today. Some people refer to it as "Amazon Viagra" because it is so good for energy, health and libido. Due This Acai berry juice is available at all points of the upper Rio hot.

Acai berries contain ten times the amount of anthocyanins as contained in red wine. This is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man, and ingestion of this substance reduces the risk of heart disease. Either other fruit, this berry is known that the most powerful antioxidant properties.

Amaresh Ray is a health and nutrition aficionado who is fascinated by the emergence of Acai Berries.

His website reviews the most popular Acai Berry products in the market today.

To learn more about what Acai Berries can do for you, visit the above link.

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