Freshwater Aquarium

By · Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Freshwater Aquarium
Title for an essay on the creation of a freshwater aquarium, Help?

I need help with the appointment of my essay. I made a descriptive study Step by step essay on the creation of a freshwater aquarium, including the process of the nitrogen cycle. Now all that remains is a title and I'm confused! I lots and lots of tips! =) Thanks, Amanda Another thing, the test is supposed to describe something that seems easy to do, but it's all really quite hard! As most people just put in the water and you get fish. Well, it tells of the nitrogen cycle or something, that work is hard. I thought titles as if he'd known then what I know now "or" you do not know what you do not know "or" fish are not supposed to be this hard! ".. But they're too long, I want something short and to the point.

How about: "How to setup a freshwater aquarium? lol, well, I guess you want something a little smarter than that. What Eeek something … "take the plunge." Or er "Fill 'up and …" or "There's more things water "or" If I were a goldfish "and then underneath in smaller text, this is how I would like my house." That's the best I can come up with. Anyone else? : D

JAWS – Shark feeding in my freshwater aquarium

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