Freshwater Fish

By · Monday, August 31st, 2009

Freshwater Fish

Many freshwater fish giant threatened because humans have destroyed their habitats and are overfished. But often, since these giants lurk deepwater and remote areas, little is known about them in general.

Mekong giant catfish

Title world's largest freshwater fish is in the hands of a Mekong giant catfish, weighing 646 pounds so big and heavy as a grizzly bear.

Of course, with fresh water, both here in territories so deep, we may never know the true weight and size of the largest in the world. However, we know that some may approach the Mekong catfish, like the line, and the Chinese paddlefish.

The largest number of giant freshwater fish that can be found by scientists today is Cambodia Mekong river basin (where Previous catfish was captured). This basin is also home to giant carp, a giant bay and pangasius catfish.

The catfish is considered critically endangered, and Scientists warn that if these animals were land travelers, such as elephants, civilians not stand by and see disappear from the earth forever. These sea monsters are dying due to construction of the dam, and a controversial project that occur within the river basin. This project consists of blasting in the same areas where the giant catfish spawn.

Because catfish is so great, is easy for these giant freshwater fish to die after being overfished, and they never have the opportunity to reach sexual maturity.

The Giant Stingray

The Stingray within the basin of the river is supposedly able to reach weights over 1,000 pounds and lengths over 16 feet. This, of course, would be even larger than the current record holder, the giant catfish. This line also are under threat in the basin of the river due to all human interference.

The depletion of these fish is not only a problem for the fish themselves, but for the natives living around them that depend on these fish for food consumption. Not only are people going hungry, because these animals are dying out, but fishermen are increasingly involved in violent clashes with each other.

Worldwide there is much the same problem. The giant fish are threatened by humans are encroaching on their spawning habitats. For example, the Tigris salmon, a species of huge carp, are being threatened in Iran, Iraq and Syria due to contamination, and the technique of fishing with explosives.

Giant freshwater fish such as giant swimming bay waterways of New Guinea, northern Australia, Borneo and Thailand. These monsters look like fish, but they seem to stealth bombers with their flat gray bodies and tails resected. It is known in this region, these giants can pull a boat up a river, or even underwater.

Stripes have a sting which is deadly to humans and that dealing with them must be very careful. This tab is located at the base of the tail and resembles an arrow and is as deadly as a poison. It acts both as a stinger BEEA pumping toxins into the body of people, even in the bone.

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