Freshwater Pond

By · Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Freshwater Pond

Goldfish Fantail goldfish is commonly seen in outdoor ponds and aquariums. The fish belong to the twintail variety of colorful fish. Compared with Oranda goldfish, Fantail Goldfish with its hardy nature makes maintenance easy for beginners. Regular maintenance is necessary for fish to survive in the wild. This fish is found throughout the world, especially in China and Japan.

Fantail Goldfish is identified by the egg-shaped chocolate in various colors, red and calico. Some varieties of this fish is in blue and white. Although the fish looks short and wide as a general feature also found with a long body and thin. The fish has a pair of dorsal and anal fins well developed. Fantail Goldfish should be fed flakes rich foods, such as blood worm, pellets, and daphnia for healthy growth. The length of the fish ranges from 2 inches to 8 inches and have a life expectancy in the range of 10 to 20 years.

Fantail Goldfish survives in temperatures near freezing point making it ideal for a fish pond outside. The fish of this variety are slow swimmers are in the middle of the pond under normal conditions. In the extreme climatic conditions, the fish is in the bottom for the purpose of oxygenation. Goldfish enjoy the company, but the fish must be isolated from Fantail Goldfish woman to survive in a small aquarium.

Aquarium or pond should have a depth of 30 inches with a capacity 10 gallons of water to breed Fantail Goldfish. Freshwater fish that measured 25% to 50% capacity of fresh water should be filled during weekly maintenance. Number of fish Fantail color in the aquarium should be limited to accommodate the length of the goldfish.

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