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By · Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Gal Acrylic
Fungal nail acrylic – Is it because of my manicure?

I've had acrylic nails for over 10 years and have been going to my girl past 3. She's definitely not cheap! I have my nails filled every 2 weeks like clockwork. Two weeks ago, I developed a green fungus under the thumb of about 2 days after my fill. I returned to my usual fill and now I have it under a different nail, this time there were about 3 days after my fill. I've never had fungi before and my nails do not seem to be lifting (at least not so soon after a fill). Is it my fault manicurists? Should I continue going to her or find anyone else? She said it was my fault because I choose my nails, but I have no keys, so choosing is very difficult for me.

I'm sorry to hear that, but the good news is that you should be fine. leakin cause by the fungus Arcrylic water between real and nail. the only way water can leakin is the time to lift or all too old and you use your hand a lot of water. Even if no lifting assembly when you receive the old water can still leakin. (There are 2 ways nail can lift around the cuticle and around Egle). It may be the fault of a high-tech: they must seal preventing the elevation, take-off and get new series from time to time or treatment in the first boot. It may be his fault if it has been suggested than done, but it refuses to do (many people think that can save money), or wait too long to fill. In your case it appears that you do not mind paying it, and you've been using acrylic for a while, So of course not their fault. Now here you should do: take off all the first acrylic nails sanetize in Achol immersion for 15 munites, index of all fungi. Leave your real nails done with acrylic on because sometimes (naked without color) to put some strengtener nail or nail on fugus. wait till you see the green on the nail's gone, and you can put arcrylic again. But please pay more attention next time. I think you're client is entitled to ask anything, even if you change your manicurist. It is good if you have happy moments with her and stay with her forever, but you can give others the opportunity. care manicurists many out there more than happy to welcome him. If you can not find the good, never too late to return. Good luck Lisa Nguyen at the club Cosmetologist Nail & Spa-red (wax, eyelash extensions, facials, nail care, pedicure spa in Colorado)

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