Gal Pump

By · Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Gal Pump
What type of pump used to transfer propane from a tank of 250 liters?

It's not something that a consumer can or should try. It is a delicate operation that only qualified and trained, gas installers must make. Accessories are also very specific and expensive equipment used to make this … We use a compressor usually to do this, not a bomb. We connect a line from the bottom of the tank truck or tank you want to move the fuel input. We then used two more lines to draw the steam out of the top of the tank that are filling and compression at higher pressure and push in the tank We drainage. That pushes the liquid in the tank empty! The pressure difference is simple we use to push the product at all.

homemade waterfall w/3500 GPH pump and 500 gal pond

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