Gallon Acrylic

By · Monday, January 25th, 2010

Gallon Acrylic
I am drilling a tank of 90 liters of acrylic. What are the dimensions of the hole and the number of holes in the tank.?

Need know what size hole you need to be more than enough to run a reef aquarium in a tru given 90 gallons of acrylic. I am considering an 20 gallon before long for my sump and the need for drill bit diameters. Also, what size pump should I use?

The size drilling will depend on the size you are using PVC plumbing. The closure of [the part that connects the inside to the outside] will tell you the size of the opening has to be. And PVC for different purposes [of water drains off] may require different aperture sizes even though the PVC of the same diameter [name], because it is PVC with different thicknesses. So you really need to decide on what you're using for the installation plumbing first. By the number of holes at least 1 output and 1 input, but I've seen tanks with multiple entries, but only 1 output. Having Entries multiple allows you to direct more water around the tank if you are using a lot of live rock so that no dead spots, where wastes accumulate. And the entries can be of the side wall, back wall or floor of the tank, I've seen it all done. For the pump, this will depend a bit on what you're planning hold. Some fungi and corallomorphallians not like high flow, so it will pump less horsepower, or put them in a more protected area of high flow. You should target a turnover of at least 10 times the tank volume per hour, so for 90 liters + 20 liters sink [110 liters], 1100 gph should be the minimum to be achieved.

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