Germ Koi

By · Friday, August 28th, 2009

Germ Koi
KOI JAPANESS WHAT SHOULD eat to grow big!?

I so some koi "I want to make it larger. What should I eat? I feed them "Fast Food Koi grow wheat germ" I NEED TO GROW SUMTHING make them faster and bigger with more colors! I have a lot ALEAST KOIS of '10-15 pool size DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!?

a pool of 12 feet x 8 feet about 4 feet deep and will be fine for koi, provided they have enough pumps / filter. if you want the big feed a food with high protein content. and give them plenty of oxygen using pumps and air stones. under appropriate conditions which may grow to 1-2lbs in a year or two. Wheat germ is easily digested, but it should be used in the months therefore colder. (The most difficult to digest everything else in cold water. In the summer to feed your koi to eat almost anything, love mine cereals, shrimps, prawns, even chocolate!. All these foods should only be an occasional treat, not to pollute the water, but experiment with them, is good for them to have variety in their diet just do not use anything to break or dissolve in water too easily. A couple of years of good food and good conditions easily koi produce about 2 kilos. spend much time with them and try to encourage them to eat from her hand. (This usually involves putting the hand in the water with food and sat day after day), but if you can get 1 to food from your hand the rest soon follow. I currently have about twenty in a pool 14 feet x 9 feet, 4 feet deep and are some of the healthiest I've seen and some have grown to 3 feet long and weighs about 8 kilos.


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