Glass Cleaner

By · Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Glass Cleaner
What is the best glass cleaner to use in hard water spots on tinted windows in cars.?

I have tried the cleaner called glass stoner invisible and did not seem to work at all. I'm tired of surfing the web and read web sites that boast that they are the best. I want to hear of some real people. Thank you.

2 steps, can be done in any order. 1. 50:50 mixture of hot water and white vinegar in a spray bottle, mist on a towel Microfiber and clean the window area. 2. get some foam Sprayway glass cleaner. Use this on a microfiber towel. One or both of which should eliminate stains. If not, then that means that the marks have been recorded, burned in the film of plastic, eliminating the dye in that area. Only then would setting new tone. Sprayway is the BEST glass cleaner on the market, hands down. I have used it for almost 20 years now, 10 years as cosmetics and expert automotive paint and 10 years as a staff and a workshop of high-end detail. Nothing on the market about this product. Normally is around $ 3.50 a can, but I say get a case. Cause once you use it, they throw every type of product Windex in the house. Works in glass, tile, chrome, anything combat. If something is stubborn or hard, soak with Sprayway and I bet you will win. You can buy online or sometimes find in the shops of auto body supplies. I bet my car race in this product, its so good.

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