Glass Fish

By · Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Glass Fish
Help my glass fish is going to head in the sand?

I bought a glass fish today to replace my father died and helping to bag all the way home and when I was looking in the tank that was upside down in the sand and do not know why can Someone please help

I hope it's not a fish painted glass. Painted glass fish dye was injected with a needle and die shortly after injection. They are for decoration only, and do not live long. Otherwise, maybe there is something wrong with the fish swim bladder. The swim bladder is what helps the fish float or sink … It could have failed in the effort to bring home, heat shock, or dirty water. Maybe you stressed that to bring home and too quick introduction to a new tank. Test the water as it could be the problem. If the bladder not swim, there's nothing you can really do, but see if it heals itself … Well, lucky, lucky the next time you'll be better prepared

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