Goldfish Pond

By · Friday, June 26th, 2009

Goldfish Pond
How do I care for a small goldfish pond?

I have a small gold fish pond in my backyard and frogs are eaten by fish gold I put into you, I feed all the frogs to avoid feeding my goldfish?

Pond Lady is correct. I have a 700-liter tank with a waterfall, water lilies, water hyacinth, and goldfish @ N07/2717461877/in/set-72157603287729814 /, but, fortunately, I've never had a problem with the frogs to eat my fish. I have an owl that sits in my bird feeder at night and stares at the fish, however. One possible reason that my fish have survived so far (and I even have baby goldfish this summer) is that I turned it upside down several boxes of milk at the bottom of the pond. At the top of one of them put a step (wild birds are on the stone and drink of the lagoon), and other containers are loaded with water lily. The fish are able to hide within these milk cartons when they feel threatened, and openings are apparently too small for most predators to get to the fish, including frogs. When I was a child who had a farm pond with fish, and my grandparents threw trees and shrubs in the pond because it gave the fry a place to hide from predators. So if the fish are hiding, you may be able to survive the hungry frogs.

My Fancy Goldfish Pond

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