Gph Submersible

By · Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Gph Submersible
Is there a way to connect a sub-filter for a floating fountain?

I have a source of 400 gph Floating with color change LED's in my pond. Now Koi like to add, but you need water to stay clean for them. I hope to find a way to connect a filter to a source submersible floating so no need an additional outlet for the pond. HELP!

if you can afford to use a water filter for your sink only needs 25 pounds to the water passing through. but if not financially prepared to go to that extreme take Ming AC filters that you can make a filter system with them and are washable. the pool filter will do well to place to use the use of sand pebbles use of charcoal. the same ones used in aquariums. and if the engine Freek dont leave out. nebulizers bombs that work well to create one vacum. but runs on more power. and if possible add some Black lights and a clear tube wrapped around the bulb far enough that it wont melt. lights black Do not put hot award, but will kill most bacteria. and aireate well.

Dougs ram pump

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