Grand Sumo

By · Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Grand Sumo
How can I find the owners of these dogs? information?

Joe Sumo is tuff enough, and most of Joe or scarlet tired these were supposedly my father and mother big dogs are in his, but his pedigree does sugar reistry mother bear exists in AKC as she claimed to be able to help my case in court. is there a way i can contact the owners of these animals to tell what's new? Loki: I thought through this ID warn these women claimed PPL this dog to be an AKC puppy from these two and their breeding ground that has been lines CH doesn't even exist in the registry when the AKC. Well, two of sugar is in the AKC neither is the same dog is a female pure white (sugar bear are claiming is the daughter of the two is brown and white), the bear of other sugar are male and less have something wrong in health class … lol looks good and evil just have to keep looking and hope to run into him, so he can be told

Thanks, tomato, for absolutely nothing. * Sigh * There really is no way to find these people, unfortunately. Although consistent use of "affix" dogs (Sumo Joe), unless the cage can be found through the website, you will not be able to associate the dog with a name or address. I could not find anything (although I'm sure he probably looked at already).

Don’t stop believing in Sumo champ Akebono

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