Gravel Siphon

By · Friday, September 25th, 2009

Gravel Siphon

Algae are a natural occurrence in any aquarium in general and its presence should not cause great alarm. However, it should be monitored closely in order to avoid overwhelming the aquarium, which can be aesthetically unpleasant and potentially harmful to fish. Here are several suggestions on how to eliminate and prevent the buildup of algae, without impact on the delicate underwater environment, and very little effort on your part.

If you find that you have algae in your aquarium glass (usually a color brown, blue or green color film), an easy to use, magnet cleaning algae is an excellent choice. A magnet goes into the aquarium and the other is outside the aquarium. Bring them close to each other, and when the magnets are attached to each side of the glass, can direct the inner magnet gently scrub away the offending algae. You also accumulation may notice a crust with a touch of white or yellow near the top of the aquarium or the filtration system. This is another type of algae and is composed calcium carbonate. Cleaning magnets are generally not abrasive enough to eliminate this type of algae, so use an acrylic, nylon brush or scraper is a better choice for cleaning in those areas.

To prevent algae growth, make sure you do not leave your tank light on for more than twelve hours day. (Attach a light timer can help to oblivion.) Furthermore, it established the aquarium in direct sunlight. Another preventive measure is not feeding to fish more than twice a day, or more food which leads to clean in minutes. Finally, monthly water changes are essential. Remove approximately thirty percent of water through a siphon, and replace the dirty water with dechlorinated water. Be sure to change the filters according to manufacturer's instructions, too. After your aquarium has been established about a month, the introduction of algae eating fish is recommended. "Sucker-fish" and some varieties catfish are prized as the best and most natural way to minimize the level of algae in the environment.

These are good basic guidelines to eliminate and prevent algae growth. If algae is still pervasive, consult with employees in your local pet store or shop aquarium hobbyist. They tend to be a great resource to explore the best options for your particular aquarium. It may suggest a different type of fluorescent bulb to inhibit the growth or the addition of plants live to make the water less hospitable to algae, or in extreme cases, chemical treatment for water. Once you have the algae under control, maintenance is easy as the flip of a fin, leaving you to enjoy your underwater world of wonder.

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