Gravel Vac

By · Friday, July 31st, 2009

Gravel Vac
Well what do I need to vacuum the gravel?

I have a gravel vac for my tank. (Today, cycling is no fish in it yet) but I'm confused as to what to get. I hear you need an air pump so that this is achieved: tetrawhisper10airpump But I need something to get this to work so the gravel VAC work? If you do not need the pump to get the gravel vac to work Please tell me! It does not cost More money could also use the pump in the tank when I'm not cleaning. So just tell me what it takes to get a working gravel vacuum and how to use it in the tank and make sure it is in Thanks! Stayed L-THANK YOU! That looks much easier and a bomb goes for about of $ 6.00 and one of the tubes to be like $ 4.00-which is a little cheaper, too! It's only a 10 gallon tank with maybe 2-4 inches of gravel

How larger the tank, and how much land is in it? All you need is a large plastic tube connected to a small flexible tube. The point of a gravel vacuum is "empty" organic solid waste from their land (without sucking your gravel, of course). Http: / / / imgres? Imgurl = http://www.arcatapet .com/fullsize/10749.jpg & imgrefurl 3Fcat% =% 3D10749 & h = 400 & w = 400 & sz = 22 & hl = en & start = 1 & um = 1 & usg = __wuuMBcs1xrb3NrX4CbNlmOqJsck = & tbnid = IeLsyFcbUMvL-M: & tbnh = 124 & tbnw = 124 & prev = / images% 3Fq%% 3Dgravel 2Bvacuum% 26um% 3D1% 26hl% 3Den% 26sa% 3DN Both of these do not require an air pump. A vacuum of changing the pressure in the pipe so that water flows (ie, large tube filled with water and allow water to run through the small tube and a bucket). Instructions to do this are usually in the empty container enters the earth have a picture similar to the first, and only cost me $ 10 at Walmart. Big Al's specializes heavy on target. They like to show their Python gravel vacuum but I would recommend only if you have a tank 1000gal (cuz it will hold a large amount gravel that require a lot of cleaning). So unless you have a large tank with gravel that much, just buy one of those simple …. plastic and required air pump.

Gravel Vac and algae

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