Halfmoon Betta

By · Monday, November 30th, 2009

Halfmoon Betta
It will be a race with a half moon betta regular betta?

Hi, I'm new in the breeding of bettas, but they have generated other types of fish. Plati, fishes, tetras, loaches, Plecos, and even fish. I know all the facts about breeding and I only have one question for everyone. I bought a male betta and I have a half moon betta regular female. (No specific name, such as crescent, as far as I know.) She's not a crescent, so I wonder if they grow up even though she is a different type of betta than him. eveyone opinion matters, but I would listen to mainly betta breeders. thank you all very much. please tell me if my question is unclear. I'll change the question to sound better. :):)

Oh, a very interesting question! I love it. Not many people make an intelligent question like this. No, the different types of bettas have no effect on spawning. All these are generated with each other, but it really depends on what we expect in the result. If you are going to raise veiltail with one crowntail, most of the fry veiltails. (This is the dominant feature in the types of betta) So if you are planning on a certain aspect, as the crescent, which is beautiful and certainly more expensive, then you should get another half-moon. If you are just planning on breeding and do not care what the outcome, and then go for what you have now! Bettas breeding is rather complicated, so be patient with her. It takes time, practice and knowledge. I guarantee that nobody knows really about betta breeding until they have, even with all the knowledge. Experience is what counts. As a breeder of betta companions say good luck to you and hope many years of breeding betta come! Remember, every betta is different and every experience is different from another brood. I encourage my email so you can go over every detail with you before you start the breeding process, Rachellll Good luck!

Halfmoon bettas

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