Halide Bulb

By · Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Halide Bulb

Metal halide lamps are considered as discharge lamps of high intensity and are mainly used for commercial purposes, but can also be used in residences, but as work at high pressure and temperature needed to make sure you have the right accessories for the lights to the contrary, are very dangerous and will not work correctly. The places you're likely to see metal halide lamps include places like a football or athletics stadium where they have pockets, which also used in large warehouses and places where lighting is needed as high.

The thing is these types of bulbs are much more efficient than incandescent bulbs by the routine use of 24% of its energy goes directly to the light as a regular incandescent bulb with only around 10% of energy goes into the real light. The problem is that while the metal halide bulbs are not for general purpose lighting.

Another thing with metal halide lamps is that they can take a some time before reaching its full light, it can take seconds or may take up to 5 minutes to reach full light, as if switched on after be off for a while all gas and electricity needed to heat, this can cause the lights to go through a couple of different colors like this goes on before it reaches the glare completely.

If metal halide start-up is interrupted then you will have to wait 5-10 minutes before you can start the bulb as the heat pipe within which the powers of the launch will go off completely. Another thing is that a warm light may take longer to heat and cold show full light.

Metal halide lights are some of the dangers to human eyes and skin if torn or unshielded making them significantly more dangerous always be sure you have a good life left in them and there are no bugs before use.

Another problem with metal halide lights is that some types of them are susceptible to explosion when his life is nearing its end. It is recommended that these accessories are turned off for at least 15 minutes a week if they are in constant use so it can reduce the chances of an explosion.

Life expectancy of metal halide lamps is usually around 6000 hours (2 years) so you should always check that approximately every 6 to determine which are only found in good condition. There are also different types Metal halide lamps, which can last up to 20,000 hours, these bulbs do not need to be checked as often, but should still be in order to maintain well and make sure they last as long as possible safely.

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