Heavy Duty

By · Friday, September 4th, 2009

Heavy Duty

Purchasing a jobsite table saw is a serious investment and that surely will affect the long term. Therefore, finding one that continually meet their needs as artisans is possibly the most crucial step in the buying process. Most industrial, large users of destination clearly require most of high quality equipment, and fortunately in the world of table saws workplace, there are two that seem to cast a shadow over the competition. With the power of command and innovation from Makita and Bosch saws these two manufacturers have continued to shape the industry with high performance tools and technology.

Makita 2704X1 (10 ") contractor table saw top quality designed for a higher accuracy. The precision machined, die-cast aluminum top table offers exactly that, an uncommon degree of precision and strength in each project. The board is designed to remain flat despite the heavy work and wear, and the large cutting capacity, even without standard extension table right (3-5/8 "to 90 degrees and 2-1/2" at 45 degrees) around the mountain boots 4x material in one pass. With the extension table on the other hand, the capacity of the range is even greater extraction of 4 x 8 sheets of plywood with surprising ease. The mountain also has a built in storage area with the ability to maintain its increased use accessories such as a saw blade, rip fence, miter gauge, etc. and storage at the site maintains most all items returned in the same place and well within reach. In addition, the table saw features broad, deep T-slot miter slot to accept more industrial formed T Shanks, even those made by different manufacturers, which makes the saw versatile and capable universal. For the most efficient and smooth adjustment of depth of the saw blade also offers a simple system of two poles to slide up and down the blade. Finally, but certainly not least, saw packs of 15 amp motor, perfectly supreme power more rare accuracy.

Bosch builds another workplace table saw users to complement the heavier duty. His 4100-09 (10 ") the workplace table saw is built with a construction of law seriously heavy designed to withstand the bumps and bruises of life of many workplace. Built for durability of the tool is coated with a paint finish powder for maximum longevity in general, and the patented Bosch Gravity-Rise Stand, the range is surprisingly easy to handle. Ensure the implementation movements and withdrawal is a process much less frustrating, is the only impressive stand. In addition, the tool is highly portable, and with a clamshell design and hardware stores and transportation of a workplace to another with incredible simplicity. The table saw also has 8 "wheels retreaded tires is so, like a beast, all terrain table saw, the trusted difficult maneuvers through workplace environments. Ultimately, the Bosch 4100-09 table saw is designed to bring heavy craft a table saw and stand, always up the ante for the shining power, precision and authority.

Exemplifying the most elite of the table saw workplace to the community, these mountains will be a good investment to the great artisans of destination in search of a compromise long term.

A student at the Univ. of UT, Mallory is currently earning an English degree. Specializing in tool parts and web communications, she joined M&M Tool 3 yrs ago adding to their over 150 years combined experience. For over 70 years M&M Tool has provided the best service to the tool industry with replacement parts, sales, & service to expert woodworking products, machinery and power tools like Makita’s 2704X1 table saw, and Bosch’s 4100-09 table saw.

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