Hermit Crab

By · Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Hermit Crab

One of the most important factors to keep your hermit crab healthy is to control the climate in your aquarium. While this may seem fairly easy, requiring many accessories different. The hermit crab is one of the most special pet, and can take years of enjoyment, especially when young children are at home.

While many pet stores habitat for hermit crabs appear without problems as many offer small incoming tanks (which honestly should be removed market), it is necessary to have an aquarium that is a lot large enough for these crabs to crawl around, food, rest, and play. The habitat of hermit crab climate is vital for a healthy these crabs, as too much heat will cause irreversible damage, while heat is not sufficient prejudice your metabolism. Therefore, when purchasing your aquarium for your exotic pet crab (which should be 10 gallons for a hermit crab and 30 to 40 gallons for multiple crabs) is important to follow the following checklist to ensure the supplies you need:

Hermit crab habitat list:

Thermometers or
or hygrometer
Eco earth or sand or crushed coral
or display of fresh air
or a fluorescent full spectrum lamp on a timer of
At or below the heater tank
dishes or
or accessories such as rocks, plants, driftwoods, and corals
air pump or airstones and air duct

It will be necessary to establish the climate of your crabs a simulated exotic tropical climate of not less than 70%. You also have to make sure the temperature is between 72 to 80 degrees. Any temperature below 72 degrees can affect health, such as hermit crabs will become weak and possibly ill.

Start by placing a bubble container made of a airstones in your tank. This will create the water to boil when connected to a tube and a pump, that will create moisture. Without moisture in the tank, hermit crabs can suffocate as their gills dry, then stop breathing capacity.

To maintain these crab habitat between 72 – 80 degrees will need a under tank heater and a heat lamp. You want the lamp or a fluorescent or incandescent and bolt with a timer.

Slightly also important, as safe water will be created. Make sure that you will not more a 15-watt bulb for a 10 gallon tank or you will be creating too much heat.

Apart from the proper climate control equipment, you will require three to four inches of sand on the floor, sturdy, shallow dishes, many toys to play with, floating or coral to feel like they are a part of their own environment and may rise. These exotic animals to live a long productive life, always supplied with the essentials in life, including love and interaction, and a healthy diet with plenty of extra calcium.

Cedric James is a hermit crab enthusiast. For more information on how to setup a thriving hermit crab habitat, visit http://hermitcrabguides.com.

Hermit Crab Care : Basic Care for Hermit Crabs

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