Hikari Koi

By · Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Hikari Koi
I bought fish food wheat germ for the turtles?

I read in a forum on fish feed use of wheat germ for the turtles. what's good for them. who said that using "Hikari" koi fish food. Hikari I could find in my local fish store, so I bought a similar but thats cichlids. is wheatgerm sticks. What matter the brand .. or as long as is wheat germ? thanks!

The brand does not matter. If the turtle is an adult wheat germ pellets should be fine, but if a baby should also give a kind of turtle high protein treat. Babies need more protein than koi adult turtles for food is not enough. Once an adult is to be very careful because feding over too much food will cause obesity and pyramid which can cause health problems.

Hikari Koi en Vijverdagen 2008

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