Hole Saw

By · Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Hole Saw

A word before you start. There is no secret method for growing tomatoes upside down.

You can use a plastic bucket of 5 gallons or purchased shop hanging tomato bag. I will use a 5 gallon bucket. You can support the weight, are easy to obtain and are very durable.

Step 1 – Gather materials

Here is a list and feel free to improvise:

Tomato plants, variety that seem to work well are:

Step 2 – Prepare Your Charms Container

Take your spoon and cut about a 3 "hole in the bottom and the lid. I saw a hole in a portable drill would be my choice. Scissors to tinker or a knife (be careful) can work as well.

Step 3 – The planting of the tomato plant

There are two approaches to plant the tomato plant in the bucket.

Method 1 – Place the bucket in some supporters of the right side to allow access into the well. Hold the plant upside down on the stem, root and thread through the hole in the bottom of the basin. Place newspaper around the hole to keep the soil fall. Add potting soil gently around the root. Fill the bucket almost to the top with potting soil and add organic fertilizer plant.

Method 2 – Use the right place the paper bin at the bottom and fill the bucket with potting soil. A 40-pound bag full. Fit the lid. Rotate the cube (top down). Cut through the press and the seedling into the 3 "hole was cut in the bottom of the bucket.

Step 4 – Replace the container

Now you are ready to hang the bucket. Select a location that gets full sun and position so that you can easily add the water through the hole at the top of the cube.

Step 5 – Daily Care and Harvesting

Replace the soil and necessary to maintain the level of the soil within 2 "from the top. The plant requires daily watering. reap its organic tomatoes upside down on its growing project tomato.

To grow disease free organic tomatoes you will need . . . Read More

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