Hole Saw Pilot

By · Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Hole Saw Pilot
Woods urgent help?

I have a final tomorrow and I need to know the answers to these and I can not decipher .. this is used to drill a pilot hole of a screw counter bcd stem countersunk hole bit if I wanted a change of light and dark wood, I saw a white oak and mahogany b maple and purple heart c purple heart and maple and bubinga d paduk if needed to cross cut a piece of wood used a chop saw band saw B c d disk sander saw if you need to move prepare the edge of a piece of wood from the table saw, what I want to use the machine? Sander was a roll b cd hammer carpenter sanding inside the radios that I would use machine drum sander spindle sander sander bcd rotary disk sander for sanding off the radios that I would use a drum sander sander bc rotary sander spindle sander disk d

1. A 2. C 3. A 4. C, although it is called the 5 assembly. B 6. B, so at least I would if I had access to one. Hope this helps.

qk saw

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