Hydro Sponge

By · Friday, May 15th, 2009

Hydro Sponge


What is a good source of additional bio-filtration for my pond?
I have a cascade filter, and a flow of vegetables.
Sigo thinking my pond can be more clear and there are a lot of sediment floating in the pond.


A Hydro-pond filter is an excellent source of bio-filtration for a pond. Does a pre-filter for any pump suction and even as an independent filter.

Sponge filter is one of the lowest nominal forms of filtration for ponds and aquariums alike. When used properly and carefully, a sponge filter for aerobic bacteria colonizing ammonia and nitrite removal, and make excellent mechanical filters, trapping a large amount of floating debris.

Care is simple, simply remove the sponge and into the pond water used to remove debris. This keeps the beneficial bacteria, while the removal of organic waste and one of obstruction of the lake, or even before passing through the nitrogen cycle.

Some of the attributes of the sponge filtration ponds are the following:

* Maintain biological filtration when the main filter is changed or cleaned.

* Prevents debris such as dead fish and the plant material from clogging the intake by distributing suction evenly throughout the sponge.

* Prevents small fry or aspire to be on the primary filter or water pump.

* Can be used as a temporary or permanent filter in ponds.

* Traps particles largest waste water mechanical cleaning.

* Can be used vertically or horizontally.

* Easy to clean. Simply rinse and squeeze.

A simple application would be a Hydro pond filter attached to a Via Aqua 2600 (740 gph) or 3300 of the bomb, then run a ultraviolet sterilizer, then back to the pond through a waterfall or water feature. This is a simple and cost-effective to a filtration system the pond. When combined with a filter plant (water lilies or other marsh plants with a small stream of water passing through the roots of plants), have an excellent filter system for under $ 150 that can maintain a pond of 1500 gallons.

For more information about Aquarium Sponge filter, please read this article: rel = "nofollow" href = "http://spongefilter.blogspot.com/"> "sponge filtration; Facts & Myths "

by Carl Strohmeyer


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