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By · Friday, March 27th, 2009

Inch Bulkhead

Fiber Optic Panels patches are also known as fiber distribution panels. Patch panel function is to terminate the fiber optic cable and provide access to individual fibers for cross connection cable.

Fiber patch panel cable connections can use fiber cross-connect, connect communications equipment to fiber optic or proof of the individual fibers in the fiber cable.

A patch panel fiber is usually composed of two parts, the compartment that contains fiber adapters (closed containers), and the compartment containing the fiber optic tray splice and excess fiber cables.

For a cable management, including cleaner, you can also use a fiber cable patch management tray to store and manage excess patch carefully fiber cable lengths.

Optical fiber workstation wiring closets or other terms in cases of termination. Termination Boxes provide a checkpoint for a small number of connections, but larger facilities will have a place of separate patches that serves all incoming fiber and ledge.

A fiber patch panel consists of a series SC duplex adapters, hybrid adapters, or Small Form Factor (SFF) jacks. If the installation complete, including fiber optic facilities, repeaters, or network adapters, use the same type of fiber optic connectors, then the matrix can be compatible adapter or cats.

To convert between the types of fiber connectors, you need an adapter or a hybrid of conversion. A hybrid adapter is a passive coupler that connects to two different types of connectors, while a conversion cable, simply type connector on one end and the other at the opposite end.

Fiber patch panels provide a convenient way to rearrange the fiber cable connections and circuits. A simple patch panel is a frame containing metal bushings connectors fiber optic cable connects each side. One side of the panel is usually fixed, ie that fiber cables are not intended to be disconnected. On the other side of the panel, fiber cables can be connected and disconnected to arrange the circuit as needed.

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