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By · Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Instant Ocean
What is the difference between Instant Ocean & Reef Crystals Synthetic Sea Salt?

What is the difference between Instant Ocean Reef & Crystals Synthetic Sea Salt, I'm starting a saltwater aquarium again, what should I use? It is one for starting and the other for water changes?

You do not mention whether you are starting a fish only system or are thinking of adding corals and invertebrates to create a living reef. If you are only adding aquarium fish, then it needs more of Instant Ocean (IO). This will provide all the essential elements required and all necessary trace elements need. Reef Crystals (RC) made by the same company that makes IO is geared more towards a reef tank. When mixed properly, RC has a higher concentration calcium on the right of the cube. RC also has extra trace elements and vitamins necessary to anemones, invertebrates and coral. The reason there are two different salts is that in a coral reef alive enough calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, strontium, and a host of other trace elements that are not consumed in a single tank of fish. Many people are successful with IO in a reef tank as well. These people often use a calcium reactor or additives to supplement the elements that consumption of coral (Ca, Mg, ALK, Sr, etc.). RC just makes it a little easier from the start. You can read about the CR on the link below. You will also want to examine the rest of the site at that link, Critters saltwater. They have great products and prices saltwater big online. BTW, I hope you are thinking of using a refractometer to measure salinity in your tank. Hydrometers are notoriously inaccurate tilt for several reasons. Best of luck, swimmer

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