Internal Filter

By · Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Internal Filter
What is a good filter for a 10 gallon tank (internal)?

It will soon be setting up a ten gallon tank for 1 betta and external filter latter that had leaked, so I'm not too interested in them now. Thank you! He is the only

External filters should not leak unless the hoses and connections were not properly equipped. For a small tank, while there are now mini external filters for small aquariums, its performance is not as good as their larger brethren. While sponge filters or the old filter box (compressed air) are ideal for the fry baby shrimp flows and fish do not like, limiting their filtration performance. The best option is an internal power filter suitable for tank volume and flow adjustable. Well if your starting address may vary (the betta will have at least some of the less agitated tank) and there is a venturi or diffuser which injects more oxygen directly in water. You can try the example Eheim range. Aquaball Series. The modular design means you can easily configure and add more volume of filter when needed (if you change more than fish tank) and also the use of bio-media for better biological filtration (most of the tiny filters inmates can only use a sponge or disposable cartridges with a limited area). These filters have also been winners in the journals of Aquaria. The most small tanks up to 2206 filters 45 liters (12 gallons approx) only good for your tank and variable flow rate of 100 liters (26 gallons) per hour (an filter should do at least 3 times the tank volume per hour). The minimum yield is acceptable as they are only a fish that not too stern. Http: / / Another good brand Tetra But what I dislike about its internal filters are most (if not all) of them use built-in filter cartridges (carbon filter wool together) that, although desirable, on the one hand, but create problems. Most of rookies just throw the old cartridge and put in a brand new, but this means throwing most of the beneficial bacteria already limited. Solutions are being implemented both cartridges a week before throwing the old away and see if there is insufficient space in the filter to give a small bag of bio-media permanently. Sometimes, being creative can still get around the inherent weaknesses of an otherwise excellent team.

JBL’s ‘CristalProfi’ Internal Filter

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