Japanese Live

By · Friday, August 28th, 2009

Japanese Live
If you could live in any time in the history of Japan?

If you could live in any time or period in Japanese history, when you live and why?

Ok. I am a newcomer to this issue later so I had the opportunity to see what many others have written. Many people seems to want to live in pre-WWII Japan. I think it sounds interesting. But for me, I will be a little greedy. I came to Japan after the right economic bubble had burst. When I reached the wages were good, much better than they are now, but even back then things were starting to tighten and the Japanese economy was beginning to contract. So if you had to pick one moment I picked up the error in the bubble of the mid to late 80s. A time that even some abroad as current as I could make life very very good education in either English or doing some other specific job abroad. I seen on television news and news of Japanese and Japanese friends are not decadent period was and how the money seemed to flow freely thoroughout the country. I can only imagine how much fun it could have been an alien being single again and then and have a lot of extra money in your pocket to save or fun.

Journey – “Separate Ways” Live in Japan 1983

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