Java Fern

By · Friday, August 28th, 2009

Java Fern

It is suggested that people should keep aquarium plants in their places, they are really very important in creating a balance in the environment by exchanging gas needed in the process of respiration. As such, these are very useful to maintain a proper balance of gas exchange in their vicinity. However, these plants also require special attention in the sense of a sufficient supply of CO2, lighting, and seaweed for their regulation.

Aquarium plants, as it would require an adequate supply of gas, lightning, and foods with adequate minerals, and the care and attention. The most important requirement is an adequate supply light, which is in most cases the dilemma because these plants die soon. The reason is that the artificial lighting system that is present in the houses is strong enough to provide the amount of light parallel to their needs. Therefore, these plants suffer from weak health and die at an early stage of life without prosper much.

It suggests providing spectrum of light yellow-green at home, so that it satisfies the requirement that needs lightening. However, it also need to know how long that light must be provided that are good according to the needs and requirements of the plants.

It is also noted that the intensity of light should not be very high burning plants, or very low that plants can not meet their needs. Specialists aquarium plants "suggest that the time of a lightning rod for these plants should be 12 hours per day with a normal light intensity.

Well the known aquarium plants include hornwort, Java Moss, Dwarf Anubis, Java Fern, Water Sprite, Anacharis / Elodea, Amazon Sword, Dwarf Lily, Wendi, Banana Plant and Rotala Macrandra. However, it is recommended to keep plants, such as Mondo Grass, Purple Waffle, aluminum plants, or peace lilies, because they require large open space and will die if planted in aquariums.

My Planted Aquarium

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