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By · Thursday, August 6th, 2009

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light filter and questions?

1. I worry about my axolotls small internal filter is to make strong current that is stressing him out. How can I stop 2. If you have a good filter cartridge and filter tank through the hole 20 times per hour. Can this be bad at all if the current is not strong. 3. What filter media Would you like to use and why. 4. I'm buying a tank and built hooded jebo lights / filter, etc which type of bulb you have and what I buy to replace

1. Depending on the type of filter that can be filled with more media, if still no, you can add the attachment or the spray bar can add an attachment that directs the flow above. 2. Providing the current is not too strong, will be well. However I see today is still a big problem unless you have multiple outputs. 3. In most of my filters i use a sponge as the first course section, a finer sponge in the second ceramic noodles in the third and then some special media in the last section (Purigen, a phos, matrix etc.). It really depends on the tank. I use this combination as the sponge then remove the larger particles, the finer sponge eliminates almost everything else and then by the time the water hits his noodles free of floating and only the needs of the bacteria to do its bit. 4. I would avoid buying a Jebo tank. I have heard numerous reports of people who are prone to the front panel glass to break free and cracking. I would opt with a new Aqua (as in Australia, at least have changed greatly over the past year) or one water. Both seem very reliable. with respect to the bulb. Depends on the style the tank. Most everything in a tank using regular fluorescent (unless a smaller tank model). These are available in all aquariums.

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