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By · Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

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I have a jebo protein skimmer how much air should be around the vortex?

I bought a jebo protein skimmer off the Internet, which has not come with instructions. How much air should be in the column with the vortex?

In general, you want the air bubbles to reach an inch to half inch (about 2-3cm) from the top of the column within the collector cup. Above and will run very moist (excess water will overflow). You might try contacting the company to see if you can send an electronic copy of the manual for you. I had to do this with a deployment model of a ship I bought last Saturday (box Waranty or did not have the manual, but all parties are included). I emailed Saturday, is the manual as an attachment to e-mail today. Here is the homepage of the company Jebo: NOTE: Keep an eye on the slider for the first 24 hours of operation. Can not get much "skimate" and first, but once it starts, you can do so quickly – you do not want the Cup overflows.

JEBO 180 protein Skimmer

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