Jungle Pond

By · Friday, March 27th, 2009

Jungle Pond
The Vivarium is possible?

Hey, I was wondering if anyone can help me with my situation. I recently received a 40gallon breeder free and wants to fill it, I built a good support for him and I think it would verynice in the room if it was like a jungle / rain forest expect. I wonder if I can make my own little tropical jungle with a little pond and some land, I know this is possible, but I wondered if I have a different species in the terrarium. let's say like a lizard some kind, and fish of some sort. Something I can take care of, does'nt have to be something that im going to handle. would be nice, but for most of the parts i love the appearance of the rainforest, and have largely been for years, but never had the space or money. Thanks http://www.zhost.tk/up/faffa8ef3be7e0993a90687450f44484.jpg in advance!

Yes, if research of lizards and fish, and make sure they are compatible (a custom to eat the other or cause rare diseases) then it might be possible. Several problems with this if-1) The water required for reptiles and fish are different. Different minerals and such. I do not know if you can find some type of solution that works for both, but you have to do some research. 2) Whatever you in the form of lizard have a lot of attention. No limit to get something because they look good. That's not fair to the animal. Instead they suggest a kind of insect or two instead of lizards. Regardless, please do some research about what might be interested in the selection, which can be very easy to kill things without meaning!


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