Killifish Rachovii

By · Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Killifish Rachovii

Nothobranchius othobranchius Rachow Rachovii or part of Aplocheilidae family. These fish originate from the regions of Africa, where lakes and evaporation ponds and dried in dry season.

Due to its environmental problems has become the commonly Nothobranchius killifish or annually. If you are familiar with Annual gardening will know that you only live one season. They survive in the wild by releasing their pollen to ensure later generations.

Nature has endowed the killifish to adapt to their harsh environment conditions in a similar way. This species flowers during the wet season. As the rainy season arrives habitat to an end begins to disappear. They lay their eggs in the mud before the last of the water evaporates. After perish for lack of water. Their eggs, however, survive to ensure survival of the species. Eggs cooked in dry lake beds, until the return of the rains. Undergoing this dry period has become essential for hatching eggs. When the wet season and ponds and lakes begin to fill again until the eggs hatch and Rachow has triumphed over nature.

Killifish are found in all world regions except in northern Europe, Australia and Antarctica. There are several different genera and species within each of these genres. A small number of sandbar while most are territorial to varying degrees. Each has its own breeding habits and the life it determine the specific environmental conditions. But it is known Nothobranchius killifish Rachow's like the annual, and they kill each year. Even in the relative safety of an aquarium Rachow Nothobranchius the victim of its evolution. They live only 1-1.5 years.

These are small fish. A fully grown adult is only two inches long. They thrive in slightly acidic water, pH 6.5 with a temperature range between 74-79 ° F. They are considered a very peaceful fish, but a planted species Mono-aquarium is recommended.

Rachow of Redfin are carnivores. That readily eat live foods like brine shrimp, tubifex and mosquito larvae. Also eat freeze-dried, frozen food and meat-based tropical flakes.

Rachow breeding of Nothobranchius

The breeding of these unique fish is done differently than almost any other trade of fish available. Start by placing a layer of 2-3 cm of peat in the existing substrate. The mob is spawning. The killifish to bury their eggs in it. Once the eggs are deposited in the peat remove it from the aquarium. Allow the peat to dry and then placed in a plastic bag. Make sure there is no accumulation moisture in the bag to prevent mold growth. Store the bag in 3-4 months.

After the eggs have experienced a prolonged dry period to remove storage of peat and place in a breeding tank. The young can be fed baby brine shrimp, powdered fry food, or powdered eggs. Let than mature enough to hold there own before entering the adult population in the main tank.

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Nothobranchius rachovii

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