Koi Clam

By · Monday, September 14th, 2009

Koi Clam
How to take care of fiddler crabs mini?

Hello I was 5 fiddler crabs so far that seems to just eat as before (could be silent). There was an ick problem solved with RID-Ick malachite green. I would like to add more. I have a beautiful 55 gal setup with Koi, gravel, sand, or planted, snails, freshwater mussels, and one of Albino clawed frog. I have driftwood that leaves the water for him to spend time out of water.

Koi are fish freshwater, and have slowed down growth in a 55 gallon tank. You may want to consider moving to a pond. They are not suited to their tank mates brackish water crabs because the crabs need a higher level of salt in the water the koi tolerate. You did not mention what your temperature was, but it must be 75-85 F (24-29 C) for crabs to be comfortable. The crabs could have had a problem with the Rid-Ick treatment. They are invertebrates and are sensitive to malachite green. You should have separated the fish and then treated in a hospital tank so as not to expose your crabs to medication. What are feeding your crabs? They need a varied diet, various kinds food so they can get enough nutrients. It is difficult to carry out its shell and survive if they are malnourished, and no single food has nutrients needed for a balanced diet in itself. In addition, you may want to increase the amount of space available for water crabs. If you do not have enough space, then a woman is killing the crabs others. Fine sand is a necessity, such as crabs ingest and obtain nutrients from tiny microorganisms living in the sand. If the crab is silent, remember not to remove the old shell crab is consumed as part and get minerals from it. There are several problems here, but their 55 gallon tank is a good home for crabs after solving them.

無言坂 (Mugon Zaka)

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