Koi Enthusiasts

By · Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Koi Enthusiasts
Koi prices?

Hi Y! Experts I have a HUGE Koi pond in my backyard. It was here when I bought the house 4 years ago, so I totally stocked lagoon. However, due to my work schedule, life, etc. I can not keep on top of maintenance. Also, I need the space in my backyard for my son to play. So – the pond has to go. Yes, I know I never carry out ponds. But I really can not keep this thing. I would sell the fish to hopefully recover some of the costs of the gardens. But I have no idea what to go for healthy Koi. I do not see race, but I know that I a great variety. I have fished from 4 "to as large as 18" long – probably about 80 of them. I pretend it is not surprising spectacle of quality fish. Koi The few fans who saw me said there were some that are excellent and some media. Therefore, based on what you spend on fish, I can provide some guidance on justly pricng?

if you could email or post some pictures i could say some of the guys who have … the 18''Una must sell at least $ 100 ieven if not any particular race or high quality metal scales usually sell for much more than Don. have with the bald skin (scales only in some places) are sold at most, unless they are hurt or somthing like are supposed to be there. Here's a guide trying to find what type of koi you have. http://www. / Brochures happykoi.co.za / koi% 20varieties/koi% 20identification.pdf click accept when you open the window, is an Adobe so you must accept to demand conditions of use.

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