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By · Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Koi Fish
What to do with Koi fish in the winter in a cold climate?

I'm thinking of making a Koi pond in my backyard, but want to get some first entry. What do you need to do to Koi fish in the winter? I live in an area that can be as low as around 5 F, but usually 20s F. Middle snow. Timber area so there are animals. In the summer is usually around 70 or 80 years Thanks F. much.

With it getting cold, definitely plan additional efforts such as bringing in the heat or the pond, but please do not forget the basic design of the pond for them. In case of an unexpected cold snap or a spell early to build the pond must be deep enough to provide plenty of water below the frost line on the surface the pond, so there is no dramatic change in temperature shocks (note, this also applies if they come inside – do not wait up to 20 degrees and then abruptly bring them inside to 70 degrees). Four feet is a good depth if it is really cold. Less than two and half years, not even contemplate leaving out. If the pond is freezing over completely melt the top with a heater to allow gas exchange so that the fish do not accumulate too much ammonia. feed the fish unless the temperature down and become more dormant. Several places I read say to stop feeding at 50 degrees, one said if you have a large pond, you can feed up to 46 degrees. If you feed them when they are clumsy, can not digest, so the food sits there and breeds bacteria to kill them. Clean all in the pond at length during the climate warmest autumn to reduce biological decomposition during the winter. As the fall continues, the pond clean of fallen leaves so that no colonies grow harbor bacteria or parasites. If you have plants around the edge, move or make sure that things are not falling into the water to putrefaction and kill fish. Move his team to the top of the lagoon waters are flowing rather than from the bottom up, and slowly so that water is not circulating as fast – this will help to maintain hot water and the bottom is well done, because the colder water does not need as much as oxygenation. There are no waterfalls or water flows out of the pond in the winter, cool water! Are somewhere that the weather stays cold for a very long time? If heated at times not so bad, but if it remains very low for months at a time, you definitely want to go with the heater or moving fish. If you can not move the fish, think about building a shelter over the pond in place — do not forget ventilation for ammonia and such. If you go with the heater, be sure to use a way to keep the water at a constant temperature, not again re-use, and try to fix something that is heated in a filter area and releases the water instead of just having a heater to sit in the water will flow strange fish can awaken to weaken from having to eat. This site has a lot of detailed and easy to read recommendations: http://www.akca.org/library/season2.htm You also might want to search the web to see if there is a koi club in your area that may have members who would love to meet you and excited to give advice about your project while looking at the actual site, or alternatively, show the steps taken for their fish in the same climate.

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