Koi Food

By · Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Koi Food

To keep your koi healthy and beautiful, it is necessary to find a suitable feeding schedule with food quality Koi fish. Many problems can arise from a poor food choices or a poor diet for fish, and more than that, particularly the health problems of Koi. This is something that tends to be difficult for the new owners of Koi, as diet changes with the seasons Koi.

How often you should feed is directly related to the temperature Water your Koi pond. If the water is above 61 degrees Fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius), will have twice a day or more. For water between 56 and 60 degrees, food once a day. For water in the range of 51 and 56 degrees, you should feed only two or three times a week. For a temperature of 46 to 50 degrees, you only need to feed once a week. If the water is below 46 degrees, then you should feed your Koi fish food at all, as his started to hibernate.

Since Koi do not have stomachs, Koi's food for fish goes in one end and passed right through to the other, which means you can eat all day, every day if allowed. However, Koi are supercharged when their waste pollutes the water that brings a lot of problems. It is usually best to feed your Koi some small meals instead of one big one.

A golden rule to follow is to offer as much Koi fish food as they eat in two or three minutes. You will notice an increase in activity at the beginning of each meal, that is slowly ending, as the fish completely. When the fish begin to eat more slowly, stop feeding.

Any food quality can be used for feeding Koi fish, preferably fish, fish meal or other fish-based food. A good brand to try is Sho Koi, not the top line, but it's reasonably affordable, good quality. Your Koi will probably have his own idea that the food is better, to be aware of their reactions Koi to food. Also, in general, you should avoid cheaper brands as they tend to have high amounts of corn products are fattening and healthy for your fish.

Koi love comes to feeding, so if you feel like spoiling fish, crab joke Try to buy, or salad of chopped shrimp. Most Koi also love fruits, citrus fruits, worms, celery, cabbage, watermelon, Koi will eat almost anything you throw at it, so feel free to experiment, and eventually it becomes apparent what exactly Koi his own will and will not eat.

As a final note and a reminder, you should avoid feeding the koi fish food that contains corn products, as it is a cheap filler ingredient and very healthy for your Koi. Also avoid feeding them meat, bread, pasta, or candy. Carbohydrates are too much for the fattening of fish and should be avoided.

J. Miller is a koi fish enthusiast and author. He is a teacher and spends his time teaching others how to set up an amazing koi pond. For more great tips on koi care and koi ponds visit http://www.koicares.com

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