Lamp Bulb

By · Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Lamp Bulb

Lamps have a common place in the living room, bedroom or study room. These usually stay in their places for years. Sometimes when these lights are not used, the normal wiring circuits and are affected by some reasons. Furthermore, when the lights are stored for long in the attic or basement, there may be problems with connections and no need to repair or ReWire in case you need to use them again.

When you have a lamp that is not worth penalty throw or give away because of some sentimental reasons or by style or whatever reason, it is best to know how to restore and reuse your lamp and show again prominently in a strategic place in your home. If you need to restore and rewire your lamp, just a little effort to exercise and spend some time lamp to give their life again. The following are the steps you can take, to change the lamp wires.

Step # 1 Remove the table lamp and put all parts in a safe place. Make sure the screws and nails are kept in a place of easy retrieval.

Step 2 Clean the dust on the parts of different light. Use a clean cloth for this purpose. Make sure each party is well dusted. It is not advisable to use a damp cloth for cleaning. This can attract corrosion.

Step # 3 Discard the old cable system and prepare the wiring kit for replacement. Leaving aside the cabling system age. You can discard it and not be considered for future use. Most likely, the wiring already flawed and not good to keep these in your electrical equipment. It is better to throw it away and ensure the safety of his family.

Step 4 Strip and twist the wires with a move to the right. Do this carefully as this may cause scratches on his hand. Better yet, use a wire twister to protect your hands from scratches or blisters.

Step # 5 wire these wires in the middle tube part of the lamp and secure the power supply unit. Do this until the wires are off the base of the lamp.

# Step 6 Connect the wires from the kit electrical wiring and again, cable twist in a clockwise motion. Use electrical tape to make sure the cords are not exposed and to ensure security.

Step # 7 Put the spotlight on the lamp socket. Test the connection. Make sure the cable is connected securely. After this, you can put light in the darkness.

By doing these simple steps, you can restore your old lamp for only a few wiring methods. With regard to look, you can always go to the wood veneer lamps or ceramic cleaning. There are many things you can do to make your beautiful piece of lamp have its place again at home or room.

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