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Lamp Reef

Your creative child birthday invitation party will invite those who really want to attend your party.

Imagine the reaction when his invitation very creative kid birthday party arrives in the mail box of all.

Or what if your party invitation is delivered in hand by someone in your theme costume … You'll make a great impression around the world and can hardly wait for your party!

Here are some great ideas to help you think creatively about your child's birthday invitation to a party. Remember, you want your invitation to highlight from the crowd and get everyone really excited.

Information to include

Always include the full name of his son so they know exactly who the birthday.

Mention how old your son will be celebrating at her party.

Include the day, place date and time of onset of their party.

And they include the time their final game for parents to know when picking up their children.

Also mention if it is a costume party and if you serve food.

Have a Magic Theme Party?

With a bit of cut paper black hats. And with white paper cut to the bunny rabbits. The cut near the brim of his hat, and everyone who receives This invitation can "pull a rabbit from a hat" and read the invitation printed on the rabbit.

An invitation to "magically appear"

Take a piece of paper and write your invitation on it in pencil on white … When sending the invitation, write something like this in black ink on top the paper. "His birthday party invitation magically appears when you rub the magic wand closed through the paper."

Attach a red pencil for use by … This type of creative invitation tells your guests that your party is going to be special.

Shrek Birthday Invitation

Use a bit of green paper to cut the head of Shrek, then a cut in your mouth. Now cut a bubble-shaped using white paper … Enter your invitation to the birthday party with a green pen … Now, when everyone receives the invitation, which will pull the bubble from the mouth of Shrek and Shrek speak to them (and more or less).

Shark Tale Invitation

Ever tried write an invitation from a great white shark?

Use white construction paper, cut the outline of a shark (include open mouth and teeth).

Then take a square piece of paper and write something like this … "Use your imagination and dive with us on a fantastic underwater reef where Oscar lives Fish and need your help celebrating (birthday child name) 's birthday.

"Oscar is decorating your attic book at the top of the reef's birthday party with balloons and streamers. And Oscar's going to be playing some of their favorite underwater "Hip Hop" music welcome all friends to your wonderful birthday Shark Tale. "

Shark alert! Be careful when entering the reef Oscar … You never know when Don Lino, the great white shark, swim by.

"Our birthday party begins with bubbly Shark Tale fun (date) ".

"Reef Shark Tale Oscar penthouse is located at (address)."

"Our Shark Tale birthday party (birthday child's name), actually will take place on land, but throughout our imagination, let's have fun in the underwater world of Oscar. "

RSVP to Angie the Angel Fish (date) at (telephone number). "

Now fold the invitation paper and attach it to the reduction of shark that has come before. Now you can mail your creative invitation.

There is no There is no limit to the fun

You and your child will have a wonderful time to come up with creative ideas for your special birthday party invitations the child. And everybody will be very excited about coming to celebrate with you.

Mike Dougherty has a lot of birthday party experience. For for creative child birthday party invitation ideas visit

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