Lcd Thermometer

By · Monday, December 7th, 2009

Lcd Thermometer
Do you have a plasma or LCD computer monitor produce less heat than a CRT monitor?

I have a 16 "CRT monitor and that seems to generate a lot insane heat. I feel a great amount of heat that radiates when I have my hand on the back of it. (The PC tower puts heat unless the monitor) I have also tested this by keeping a thermometer in the room. For every one hour, the monitor runs, the temperature rises one degree Fahrenheit. If the room is 72 degrees when you switch morning, late in the day, the room is about 85 °. Note: using the standby mode and Energy Star settings, apparently make no difference in heat production. An LCD screen off much less heat than a CRT monitor?

This reads more or less CRT OLED Plasma LCD Projector – (in development … going to be sweet. Google search is) LCD is not as fast as a CRT – in you can see some blurry images of the mouse at times, but this is increasingly rare. Also when you arent using the LCD at its natural resolution (which should say this when you buy) the image will always tend to be blurred, for example. when used an LCD with a 1280×1024 resolution natural, and then a video game in 800×600, the game will become blurred rather than "Pixelated". Same if the rules of game in a resolution larger than life. However, these points are debatable when considering the LCD is much more compact and requires less power and generates less heat condsiderably. Plasma is out of the question of a computer monitor – your application is in large TVs because the pixels are made of small fluroescent / bulbs phosphorus that are 5-10 times larger than an LCD or CRT monitor pixel and therefore easilly seen by the naked eye. (not to mention the decline phoshor really hoping cuts life sample)

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