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By · Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Leaf Java

When it comes to caring for cichlid fish, some cichlid enthusiasts will tell you that is not an easy species to care for, much like a fish in need of care record constant attention. But this should not get away from keeping a cichlid aquarium, which are truly beautiful creatures and can make great pets as long as know what you're doing. Cichlid care is very important to maintain health and happiness of their pets, but before an investigation must first on the species so that you know what to expect when it comes to cichlids care and maintenance of cichlid fish. Here are some tips to get started.

The Most species of cichlids come from Central and South America and Africa, a few species of cichlids can sometimes be seen in Asia and North America as well. In its natural habitat, cichlids tend to inhabit a wide variety of waters that can go from something like the smallest imaginable pond, a large and dangerous river. Because of its beautiful colors and the sheer number of species of cichlids available, make aquarium fish popular with owners around the world using their unique appearance and friendly manner.

Cichlids have some very distinctive characteristics so that you are able to differentiate most species. The different species tend to have different conditions for life as warehouse space and diets. One of its distinguishing features is its dorsal fin, which consists of two separate parts. A part consists of spiny rays and the second part is composed of soft rays.

Cichlid species vary in shape and size, body shape, the mouth, and even their teeth differ in varying degrees. The body shape of cichlid species can alter a leaf shape to the shape of a pencil! The most common of cichlids is the species that has an arched back, flat sides and an end positioned face. The shape of the jaw may vary slightly as well, whether prognathism less than or exceeded.

When it comes to caring for cichlids, learn about the different species, shapes and sizes of fish is very important before leaving and buy your cycle, you should spend some free time to learn all about the cichlid fish and their various origins and characteristics. This will help you understand the more fish care and in turn will do a much better owner of cichlid fish!

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