Led Moonlight

By · Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Led Moonlight
Need help with lighting Fish Tank?

Hi guys, I recently ran into this thing in a website is a lighting system tank that works with low light that mimics moonlight at night … brings a computer system that connects to little lights and switches on and off from dusk until dawn and mimics the lunar cycle. I saw a couple photos of it on the site and looked very good and very nice, I wonder if this type of light is really no benefit for fish. They say there's this light with the help of fish biological clock or something, just want to know if there is any truth in that. Thank you. PS Here is the website if u're interested in seeing it. Http: / / www.fishbowl-innovations.com/product/controller

This has only recently been discovered that the moonlight is so important as daylight to fish and corals. Not only that, but it's beautiful to see in your tank at night and gives you the opportunity to see nocturnal creatures all go to town on your aquarium!

LED moonlight demo

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