Light Aquarium

By · Friday, February 5th, 2010

Light Aquarium
When should I change my aquarium light on / off?

When should I change my freshwater aquarium light on and off during the night usually turn on a closet light as darkness is not complete. And during the day I have my bedroom window slightly open, so it is not complete darkness and then, either.

Fish need a dark period for which he can rest. In the tropics, there is little variation in the length day, so 10 to 14 hours of illumination is the appropriate year all year. In reality, few fish prefer bright light, so the only real reason you need artificial lighting (in a room with windows) is to grow the plants. If you do not have live plants in the tank, you can only turn the lights in the tank when it is in the room. (By the way, most of the fish are sleeping. They just do not close your eyes, because they have no eyelids.)

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