Light Bar

By · Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Light Bar

Stocking your aquarium with freshwater tropical fish with live plants is a very good idea. This will give your tank a more natural look and a changing landscape as they grow. Live plants use the nitrates produced from leftover food, fish excrement, along with rotting plants and fish that have died and were not withdrawn from the tank.

Deciding whether to use real plants should be done before establishing his bed of gravel. The reason for this is that you will put a layer of substrate material clay in your tank. Substrate is the area that plants obtain their nutrients, just like regular plants get their nutrients from the soil. Before adding the gravel or tank accessories they need to be clarified. Everything that I usually rinse under the faucet with cold or warm water. Soap or other cleaning agents are not needed and can add to the toxins in your tank, if not totally eliminated. There are several options for the substrate, but one of the easiest is to Flourite. Start by placing about 1 / 2 "of gravel in the bottom of the tank and then add about 1" of Flourite, and then another 1 / 2 "of gravel. A product like Flourite is a porous clay material that improves the ability of plants to use of nitrates in the aquarium of freshwater tropical fish.

OK, now we can begin to add any other decorations you may want to use. Place them in the tank, visualize where you want your plants to be. Place a plate or dish on the gravel bed and start filling the tank by pouring water in the dish. This will keep the flow of water to disturb the gravel and removing the gravel. You want to fill about a third of your tank and then add your plants. When Planting a mother plant, first cut an angled cut just above one of the green and healthy as the output nodes of the plant as possible. Now gently push Plant about half the depth of the gravel. Remember that space was inhibited overcrowding leaves enough lower light. Continue filling of the tank and remove the plate. Now that your tank is full, the next step is to ensure that the circulating water and heat, and begin their cycle of freshwater tropical fish aquarium. Replace the lid and light, to check the heater and filter are connected to the side of the unscheduled power bar and light on the side of the timer. Connect nutrition bar to a wall outlet and then set the timer for twelve to fourteen hours. This is the optimal time that a tropical fish aquarium with fresh water should receive light. The light is not a factor for fish, but also plays a large part in the growth of plants and algae control. Too little light and the plants do not grow or even die, but too light the algae grow out of control.

I will discuss algae and other maintenance tasks in future articles.

Freshwater aquariums are one of my hobbies. You can check out all of my articles about choosing, setting up and maintaining a freshwater tropical fish aquarium at

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