Light Bulb

By · Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Light Bulb
What is the best light source to use when taking a photo?

I take pictures of the clothes and sell them on eBay. Natural light has always worked best. But not always work when the sun is out. What is the best photo of bulb that simulates natural light? Besides, where can I buy one?

With a good digital camera that has adjustable white balance, no matter what their source of light. You can use incandescent, tungsten, fluorescent, flash, etc., to simulate sunlight, if that's what you like, you need a lighting ratio of at least 8 to 1 (number 8 times brighter than fill). If you do not like your contrasting images, change the relationship. If I was shooting the clothes, got the key light with a softer than the harsh sun, and establish the relationship about 2 to 1. To soften the light, just put some more media, or face, in their light sources. If you shoot with flash, you can use almost any thing like a piece of an old bed sheet and towels, or a piece of tissue paper, etc, etc … If you are working within a very limited budget, I would buy about two or three streams 300W incandescent light bulbs of your local hardware store, and use those to light. They took a lot of light, last time a long and not cost much, and not too terribly hot. If you are unhappy with the "color" of his photographs, these bulbs, set your white balance on the camera in manual and adjust until you like the look. Mount them within those clamp-on "type of lamps. Not paying attention to the label that says "No use more than 100W. Just be careful and not leave them while they are in case of melting, fire, etc. You can clip these and just about anything the close or back them up to obtain the list of lighting do you like best. Hope this helps. Have fun.

How a light bulb works

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