Lighting Lights

By · Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Lighting Lights
What size cable is needed to run the 12volt lighting, (10) lights in a total distance of 12 meters?

The lights are going to feed with a 12 volt battery 110 amp leisure overnight, the battery recharges during the day. Each light will have a 10 watt bulb.

10 x 10 watts = 100 watts 100/12 = 8.5 amps. As cable need two plants with a capacity of at least 8.5 amps. Depending on the length of the race also have to compensate Votage drop in ten steps! In addition, a 12 volt fully charged battery will make close to 13.5 volts that over time the lamps and give them a short life. The low load does not cause sufficient voltage drop in the battery. It would be better to use two or three races cable to minimize the load and the voltage drop effect. In general I think your idea will be successful. Sorry! Ignore the reference before the grounding, this is not a requirement of low voltage.

Sturgeon scouting with light at night

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