Lighting System

By · Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Lighting System
I replaced my incandescent light bulbs in the lighting system with my 12V halogen bulbs. Why not work?

I incandescents illuminated the path in my garden. I wanted the light to be a little brighter, so I decided to put the halogen bulbs that are also intended the system low light level you had (12V). When I put in halogen bulbs, which have not yet been lit. Is there any modification that would make to work?

Halogen bulbs are probably trying to draw too much current. Do you know the total number wats the hand of incandescent bulbs and the total number of watts for halogen? It is likely that the transformer is overloaded and can not draw enough current. be a little more expensive, but look to replace to light bulbs with bulbs that use high-intensity white LEDs, you can add more lights and get much more light but still earn less today than it was as the LEDs are much more efficient.

Heliartist lighting system

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