Little Giant

By · Friday, January 29th, 2010

Little Giant
Little Giant Incubator – What do I do if I have no air circulator?

NOTE: If you do not know the answers to all questions please at least try to respond to The Ones You Do. (Thanks) I have a Little Giant Incubator. I Dont Have An airflow sooooo ….. What do I do? What I like to open the lid every few hours to allow some fresh oxygen Get In? Also kind of thermometer I choose? You leave the Vuelta and stick to the wall Incubator? What should I do besides Humidity Chicks sufficient to maintain life when they hatch? And I need a thermometer humidity? So it when the first question I get more I have quail eggs for the hatchery In Coming I do not put big finish in The Automatic Turner? Thank you,

1.) You do not nessisarily needed circularor / forced air. An incubator should have 2 holes to put in hidden red bthings not needed to make sure they are open two holes for air. That is the oxygen for the chicks. 2.) You can use that should have came with the lil incubator and place in the bottom of the incubator set temperature. You can use any thermometer, are the reptile / lizard thermometers, or you can use that one. 3.) You will fill the bottom of the hatchery, water rings, make sure there is water in the rings at all times, when low fill a backup. You do not need a thermometer humidity. 4.) Lik You can put eggs and withthe date of the eggs a pencil to know when they come in or to the date Calandar. Make sure that 3 days before the birth of disabling The turner, and set in the bottom of the incubator to lat them are born the rest of the road. may take 16-18 days to hatching quail. by day 14 of incubation turnong stop eggs.

The Little Girl Giant

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