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By · Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Live Aquarium

Proper lighting is one of the essential elements of a balanced underwater ecosystem. Technically known as photosynthesis, is equally important for organisms such as fish and other aquatic animals for food. Freshwater aquarium requires a certain type of light so that fish can live longer. Some may Minimum required illumination, others prefer strong light for the application of lighting for the aquarium is nothing to take seriously.

There are a number of artificial lighting available in the market today that can be used to illuminate their fish tanks. Each aquarium has special characteristics that require a certain type of lighting so each requires different types of aquarium lighting.

Incandescent bulbs usually are not recommended tanks water for fish due to its low luminosity and high energy consumption. It tends to get hot too quickly fish may die due to a sudden change in heat it is not efficient to use.

Fluorescent bulbs instead are the most used lighting choice because of its relatively high brightness and low power consumption. Fluorescent lamps are really favorable to the freshwater aquarium as they may be available at all times.

Lamps metal halide are considered a better alternative lighting for freshwater aquarium due to its intense light. Its light So in tense that can be compared to light royal sun making it suitable for a busy marine ecosystem. Metal halide lamps are especially expensive and somewhat difficult to maintain.

What is the right kind of lighting to use?

A number of factors to address before deciding which type of artificial lighting to use. The most thumb is to consider the general conditions and specifications of the aquarium when you combine these things together constitute the total welfare of marine life inside of your aquarium.

Taking into account the population inside the aquarium, water depth and the whole tank.

In an aquarium where there is only fish present in the middle of lighting maybe applied. They do not require intense lighting for aquariums of this type. Normally minimum power requirement is of 2.3 watts per gallon. The lighting quality can vary according to population numbers. The more fish you have more lighting then you can applied to accommodate them all.

Aquariums with fish and live plants added that requires intense light. The more intense the lighting is the best be. 4 watts per gallon tank should be the minimum power for these tanks. The larger the water tank is the more lights should be shared with. Be cautious to note that there are some types of marine life that require certain types of light. Learn the techniques and information from experts to adequately address this problem.

It is suggested that occasionally the simulation is performed in that light that regulate the light of your freshwater aquarium just as the lights Sun Must be illuminated throughout the day, while off all night. This will bring good effects to fish from getting too stressed in an artificial aquatic environment. Simulation of the lights will make the fish feel really living in their natural habitat.

Freshwater aquarium is a fun hobby that is a generous amount of discipline and responsibility. Like any other work or freshwater aquarium hobby has its distinct characteristics and needs to be covered preferential attention. With the suggestions above about artificial lighting adequate maintenance of a freshwater aquarium at home can be the most rewarding experience you really can have.

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